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  • Purchase
    • How can I pay?

      We currently accept payment by:

      • Creditcard
      • iDeal
      • PayPal
      • Apple Pay
      • Klarna achteraf betalen
      • Bancontact
      • SOFORT Banking
      • KBC/CBC Payment Button
      • Belfius Direct Net
      • ING Home’Pay

      If you don’t use any of these options, please contact client support.

    • To which countries do you ship?

      We ship worldwide.

    • What is the delivery period for my order?

      Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving your order confirmation.

      Delivery period

      • NL: 1 – 2 working days
      • EU: 2 – 7 working days
      • US: 1 working day before 4:30 pm – FedEx International Priority®
      • US: 7 days – FedEx International Economy®
      • US: 5 – 10 working days – PostNL/ Globalpack
      • Rest of the world: 7 – 19 working days

      Please note that during and around holidays, deliveries can take longer. Orders placed between August 9th and 27th, 2023 will be delivered from August 28th, 2023 onwards.

    • Which carrier should I choose for my delivery to the US?

      When shipping to the US we recommend using FedEx, since they are very reliable in their delivery times. If the cost of shipping is more important than the actual delivery time, we recommend using PostNL/ Globalpack. Especially around holidays they may not always be able to deliver according to their standards.

    • What are the shipping costs?

      We offer standard free shipping for customers in The Netherlands.

      For customers in other parts of the world, we offer free shipping on all orders of:

      • EU: € 175,– or more
      • US and rest of the world: € 250,– or more

      For all orders less than the above mentioned, the shipping costs for home delivery are:

      • Germany: € 6,–
      • Europe, zone I (AT, CZ, DK, FR, GB, HU, IT, LT, LI, LU, MC, PL, SE, SI, SK): € 10,–
      • Europe, zone II (BG, EE, ES, FI, GR, HR, IE, LV, PT, RO): € 15,–
      • Europe, zone III (AD, AL, BA, CH, MK, NO, RS, VA): € 20,–
      • Rest of the world: € 30,–

      For service point delivery, the shipping costs are:

      • Germany: € 5,–

      Our prices do not include customs fees or other additional taxes that might apply to customers in non-EU countries.

      Shipping costs to Belgium and the US are specified in the FAQ below.

    • What are the shipping costs for the US?

      The shipping costs for deliveries to the US are:

      • € 15 – PostNL/ Globalpack (5 – 10 working days)
      • € 20 – FedEx International Economy® (7 days)

      Free shipping on all orders of € 250,– or more.

      Our prices do not include customs fees or other additional taxes that might apply to customers in non-EU countries.

    • What are the shipping costs for Belgium?

      The shipping costs for Belgium are:

      • € 7,65 – standard delivery (2 – 3 working days)

      Standard delivery is usually carried out by DPD.

      Free shipping on all orders of € 175,– or more.

    • What does VAT mean?

      VAT is a value-added tax that both EU and non-EU customers pay, which is already included in the prices.

    • How do I track my order?

      Once your payment is finalised and your order has been processed, you will receive a track & trace code via email with which you can track your order.

    • What are the return conditions?

      Returning a product is always possible. When requesting a return or exchange, make sure to mind the following information:

      You can return your order within 14 calendar days after receiving your parcel. Please contact client support for a return request and you will be given instructions on how to return the parcel.

      Please note you are only eligible for a refund when the footwear is clean, completely unused and sent in the original packaging.

      For your own convenience, and ours, please return the shoes in the shipping box you’ve received them in or use another sturdy box to make sure we receive the goods in optimal condition.

      Return address:

      Bill Ringa Footwear
      Veldewater 17
      2911 PG Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
      The Netherlands

      Please note that when returning/exchanging an item, the shipping costs are at your own expense.


      International returns

      All returned items should be declared as ‘Returns and Repairs of Dutch Merchandise’ on the customs declaration. This should be written on the packaging as well as in the declarations form. Returned packages that don’t have this mention may not be successfully delivered to our warehouse and might be subjected to additional fees.

      Any returns that do not comply with the aforementioned may be denied at the discretion of Bill Ringa Footwear.

    • Can I exchange my shoes for a different model or size?

      You can return the footwear in accordance with our return policy. We do offer to exchange the shoes.

    • How long does a refund take?

      We strive to process a refund within 5 working days counting from the day we receive the shoes. However, do take into account that we are legally entitled to process refunds within 14 working days. Also, please note that – depending on the payment platform – it can take up to 5 working days for the money to be on your account.

    • What can be done if I want to change or cancel my order?

      If you would like to change or cancel your order, please contact client support as soon as possible. If your order hasn’t been dispatched, we are in most cases able to help you. Please note that there’s not much to do when your order has been sent.

    • I am not satisfied with my order, what should I do?

      Please contact our client support, before taking any further actions.

    • How can I stay updated with new arrivals and promotions?

      Signing up for our newsletter is the best way to receive updates about new arrivals and promotions.

  • Product
    • What is my shoe size?

      We recommend that you measure your feet before choosing your shoe size. It’s very easy and doesn’t have to take more time than two minutes.

      • Tape a large piece of paper on the floor, against a wall
      • Place your foot on the paper, whilst standing straight, with your heel against the wall
      • Draw a line along your biggest toe (repeat this with your other foot, because your feet might differ in length)
      • Measure the length between your heel and the longest part of both feet

      This length in mm’s (or inches) will correspond to your the shoe size in the size chart below


    • Does wool felt make my skin itch?

      If you do not have an allergy for wool, it is not likely for the wool felt to itch your skin. Scientists consider wool to be hypoallergenic.

    • Can I wear your footwear in summer?

      Yes. Wool has an unrivaled ability to absorb and shed moist. As a bonus, wool has a thermal insulation that works both ways: it keeps heat out and protects the body.

    • What if the wool felt becomes wet?

      If not soaked, it’s not a problem. Wool can easily absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy

    • Can I wear the footwear when it's raining outside?

      An average rain shower is not a problem. However we don’t recommend wearing our footwear when you’re on the streets during a monsoon.

    • Does the wool felt footwear hold its form?

      Yes. All parts are sewed, which prevents the footwear from deforming. Over time, the wool will adapt itself to the form of your feet, making it a perfect fit.

    • Can I use the footwear outside?

      Our footwear is build for outdoor use, so of course you can and please do so. You can definitely wear the shoes inside your house too.

    • How do I clean the footwear?
      Either use a wet cloth or hand-wash the footwear. Simply use a tub with cold water and some mild detergent. Woollite for instance. Be sure to rinse off thoroughly. You can hang the footwear to dry in room temperature (nowhere near heating).
    • Is it normal that some wool will come off?

      Yes. It’s a natural material and it is felted. In normal use, there will ravel out some wool.

    • Does the wool felt pill?

      In normal use, not very likely. The density of the felt is high enough to prevent it from pilling. If it’s occurs, it’s most likely to occur on the inside of the footwear.

    • What to do if there's an odor developing?
      Some few people might encounter this problem but it’s not related to wool as a material. Bacteria breaking down sweat (protein) into certain acids is what’s causing the smell. When you search online on “how to solve smelly shoes” you will find some easy solutions to get rid of the smell.
      We wouldn’t recommend using a spray or powder on wool because of the risk of compromising the breathability of wool.
      Putting the footwear in the freezer for 24 hrs might sound awkward but this will definitely destroy the bacteria. But foremost we would recommend to hand-wash the footwear as described above.
    • What to do with my purchase as the Fold is a bit tight on the instep?

      Style Fold can be a bit tight for people with a high instep. Please don’t worry too soon, the wool felt will adapt itself to the form of your feet, making it a perfect fit over time. But if it doesn’t feel save to do so, you can always return/ exchange your order.

      If you do decide to wear the footwear to see what happens and the Fold is still too tight over time, please don’t worry either. Contact client support and we will find a solutions that will make you happy.

      By the way, did you know a shoe repair shop can widen your shoes in two minutes time?

  • Wholesale
    • As an agent I am interested in Bill Ringa, who should I contact?

      We would love to hear from you!

      Please email us at

    • As a retailer I am interested in Bill Ringa, who should I contact?

      We would love to hear from you!

      Please email us at

    • As an importer/ distributor I am interested in Bill Ringa, who should I contact?

      We would love to hear from you.

      Please email us at

  • Collaboration
    • I would like to collaborate with Bill Ringa, who should I contact?

      We would love to hear from you.

      Please email us at

  • Media
    • I am interested in writing about Bill Ringa, can you provide me with brand imagery?

      Yes we can!

      Please contact us via and express your needs.

    • I am organizing an event and I would like to inquire about product giveaways, who should I contact?

      Please contact us via and express your needs.